Fully Automated Contactless Visitor Management System

Ensure safety and security for employees, contractors, and essential visitors – wherever they work - through our Visitor Management System.


Optimize the Workflow in Your Workplace

We streamline visitor management processes with technology, security, communication and analytics.

Visitor Self-registration

With a self-registration kiosk, first-time visitors can check in as soon as they arrive, shortening contact and wait times at the front desk.

Customized Experience

Personalize the visitor registration process with your logo, specific fonts, colors, instant visitor image capture etc.

Visitor Recognition

Store your frequent visitor details on premise or on cloud and auto-fill repeat visitor details and make your visitors feel welcomed.

Web-based Pre-registration

Employees can pre-register their visitor via the web-based host view, ensuring receptionists are informed ahead of any visitor for a quick and efficient registration process.

Dashboard with Admin Control

Allow your facility or security teams to be aware of all visitor activity real time to answer management queries regarding past, current or future visits.

Emergency List

In the case of an emergency evacuation, everyone in the building will be on one centralised, real-time evacuation list.

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    Changing the way you manage guests

    We help you improve visitor experience, workplace safety, productivity and efficiency.

    Advanced Technology

    We provide the most advanced enterprise Visitor Management System with health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as analytics and auditing functionality.

    High Security

    Significantly reduce a range of potential risks by incorporating a future-proof Visitor Management System that provides your facility with a more secure working environment.

    Improved Workflows

    We tailor our solutions to integrate with your workplace applications for a streamlined experience.

    Extensive Integrations into Existing Access Control System

    Our solution can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workplace applications to provide a truly innovative experience.

    Our VMS is the key to an intuitive, connected workplace. Not just for visitors checking in, RMA's VMS provides an end-to-end visitor management solution for your organization, leaving reception staff to focus on providing visitors, employees and contractors, with a warm welcome.

    How RMA Visitor Management System Works?

    1. Visitor Pre registers for an appointment via the web app or Visitor Registration at self-registration kiosk.
    2. First time visitor is required to give their information. Front desk verifies the visitor information.
    3. Entry access is given to the visitor. Visitor enters the premises.
    4. When leaving, Visitor exits the premise. Visitor is marked as “checked out”.
    5. Centralized visitor reports are available for review and analysis in the real time dashboard.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is RMA's Visitor Management System?

    RMA’s visitor management system (VMS) is a digital tool designed to help you keep track of visitors entering and exiting your facility. Our visitor management system incorporates visitor management software with a variety of devices to create an automated and secure sign-in process for both visitors and employees.

    What if a visitor forgets to bring his/her identification card?

    He/she may approach the registration counter or use the self-registration kiosk to register.

    Does the VMS support temperature reading?

    Yes, the VMS is equipped with a facial recognition system to verify the identity of the individual and includes alerts & alarm to administrators for personnel with temperature reading above a certain temperature level.

    How does a visitor sign in using the VMS?

    Visitors can simply sign in on any device via web or by the self-registration kiosk. Alternatively, visitors can securely sign in touch free by scanning the QR code with their smartphone device. This will prompt them to open the sign in form on their default web browser where they can enter their details and complete the contactless sign in process.

    Is the VMS compliant with GDPR/PDPA?

    Yes. All data is securely stored in the cloud or on premise meaning that visitor information remains private.

    Does the VMS support location tracing?

    Yes, information such as who they were visiting and what they look like (providing visitor face has been scanned), to help you locate them as quickly as possible.

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